Jimmie Lowe:

In the charter of Bahamas based boats, preference will be given to entries from countries other than the United States.

Lori Lowe
Shipping from Florida to Nassau via Betty K. Line

With funding provided by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism the organizers of the Snipe World Masters are happy to advise that freight charges Miami-Nassau return on the Betty K trips scheduled for the regatta as per the NOR as well as import charges in The Bahamas will be covered for the first 30 registrants shipping boats. This reduces shipping charges for these boats to the US import charges of US$275.00.

Shipping to Nassau via Betty K (Miami)  
Important Dates   fees
28 - Sept export/import documentation to the US due to Carlos Roberto - US Freight Forwarder $275
6 & 11-Oct boats shipped from Miami to Nassau (2 shipments) n/c
26-Oct boats returned to Miami from Nassau. Available for pick up on 28 Oct.  
    **NOTE: boats must be at shipper 24 hours prior to departure of Betty K  
Bahamians will deliver boats from Betty K to RNSC and back


3701 NW S. River Dr
Miami, FL 33142
PHONE (305) 635-4650; FAX (305) 779-6384
OFFICE HOURS Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

  • Boats will be shipped on 2 days: October 6 & 11th 2016 MIA-NAS, Boats must be there 24 hours prior to shipping.
  • Return October 26th 2016 NAS-MIA, available for pick-up 28 Oct.

Shipping Fees:

  • $300 USD fee will apply after the first 30 boats...Shipping on Betty K and Nassau Customs Import and Freight Forwarder Charges 
  • $275 USD for Miami Inbound Customs Charges and Freight Forwarder 

Boats being re-imported to USA MUST provide completed US export documentation by 28 September (to Carlos Roberto - address below). Above rates are available only on the dates quoted for shipment. Boats shipped other than on above dates will be responsible for any additional charges.

US Freight Forwarder
Carlos Roberto,
Santos Cargo LLC C/O
Florida Import chb, Inc
7225 NW 25th Street, suite 105
Miami FL 33122
Tel: 786-601-3969  fax 305-602-2292